How to Get Rid of Anxiety in Seconds

Everyone knows weighted blankets stop anxiety, so we made one you can wear.


We guarantee 3 things:

1. You'll feel a comforting sense of relief from stress & anxiety.

2. It's the coziest thing you'll ever wear.

3. You'll never want to take it off.

If not, we'll refund you and you can keep it.

90 days, no questions asked.

You deserve cozy peace of mind 💖

Snugable Set

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Set Size: XS

Set Size

Color: Vanilla Bean
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Loved by thousands!

Nicole, 37

I wear it as much as I can

It's as cozy as it sounds, and I can't get enough!!! I wanna be wrapped up in this thing 24/7 and I put it on as soon as I get home from work. If I'm having a rough day, I always feel better after I put it on and my stress just fades away! Too bad I can't wear it at work. My husband always wants to snuggle more when I wear it but he won't admit it lol. It's that soft

Rachel, 23


Wearing a Snugable is like THERAPY!! I used to have insomnia from anxiety and I don't have that problem anymore, and the fabric really does feel theraputic. I feel like I'm being hugged by a teddy bear and I can relax and fall asleep. FINALLY! :) Highly reccomend!!

Anonymous, 29

Helped my social anxiety a lot...

I used to suffer from social anxiety, and would often get panic attacks in public. I almost always wear this when I go out, and now I always feel safe and comforted. No more panic attacks. If I feel stressed, I just rub my fingers through the fabric and calm myself down. It's also cute, warm, and stylish, so it just looks like I'm wearing a fuzzy warm tracksuit. A must have for anyone with anxiety...